Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Trapped in the Terai" and "The Living Goddess' Mother"

My good friend and fellow Fulbrighter Simon runs the renowned blog Nepali Time. He has written about a few of our adventures that I haven't had a chance to post on this blog, and so I thought people might be interested to read about our time stuck in Bardia National Park during the strike and our visit to the house of the Patan Kumari:

Trapped in the Terai

It's not everyday you meet a living goddess (and her mother)

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  1. Hi Luke, I have MANY questions for you as I will be headed to Nepal as an ETA in just a few short weeks. At the moment however, I am struggling with the question of what to pack. Do you think I need to bring solar panels and other such equipment with me for powering my small laptop and camera? Also, what is the internet access situation like? Presumably you are able to connect regularly...but how and from where exactly? Also, the orientation packet I was given suggested some solar-power related gift ideas, but I thought you may have other ideas as well.

    The blog is great, thanks!