Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Graffiti Art

I've mentioned graffiti in Kathmandu a couple times before, but really only in the context of trying to figure out the meaning of Prem Bad (see my blog posts here, here, and here):

Manokranti ('Inner Ascension'), with the upside-down unity symbol, is a less-common variant of Prem Bad/Lovism.

Just recently, though, I've been seeing a lot more Western-style, artistic graffiti:

I believe this is north of Rani Pokhari.

This is near the entrance to Thamel. Same artist?

Long political messages along the sides of a wall are not unusual in Kathmandu. They're everywhere, in every city in Nepal. I hope to make my next blog post on that phenomenon. But this one struck me a little differently because of the giant block letters, and because it was in English.


Also there's a little self-portrait of the artist at the end.

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