Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scenes From These Last Days

On my last day, the school staff discusses the election of an education representative.

Scenes from my last day of school.

Students returning from their tiffin/lunch break

The vendors line up at the school entrance

A lot of work in the fields owned by my household at the start of the monsoon season
In the valley by my school

Bamboo poles placed in the fields  of my house to grow vegetables. They were originally about thirty feet long and some of the heavier things I've had to carry up hills in quite some time (I volunteered so that the family would not think I was too lazy for waking up at noon). 

Base of the bamboo grove at my school, still charred from when there was a fire across the whole cliffside by my school a few months ago. I organized a bucket brigade. 

I started playing a game of karom on my way home after school

In Patan on the way up to the Lazimpat flat, the streets are flooded

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