Saturday, June 29, 2013

Revolutionary Graffiti of Tahrir

These pictures were taken on Mohamed Mahmoud Street off of Tahrir Square on June 15th of this year, while I was in Egypt accompanying Kelsey Jukam for her journalism research. I have posted about political graffiti and art on this blog before, and when I encountered these poignant expressions of the ongoing democratic struggles in Egypt, I decided to post a few of them here. Referred to as "Freedom Eyes Street," it is dedicated to those who were wounded during the revolution, and it is an ongoing project as works are defaced, whitewashed, and replaced. Here is some more information about the street, which also illustrates how different it looked in previous days.

Mubarek and Morsi, saying the same thing.

The black invitations to the June 30 Protests in the picture above were all over the city when I left on June 25, and agitations were already beginning. The protests should be beginning at about the time that I publish this post; vibes of luck and safety to everyone working to make their home a better place. 

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