Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Return to Tangting

Back when I was in Nepal with Pitzer College I stayed for two weeks in Tangting, a small Gurung village in the Annapurna Range. When my mother came to visit close to the time of a yearly festival there, I decided to go back there with some old friends from Pitzer and Tangting and some newer friends from Fulbright.

We traveled with several Tangting residents who were students in Pokhara coming home for the festival

The bridge I crossed back in 2008 was out of order

The replacement bridge did not fill me with confidence

These are hives of cliff bees about a hundred feet up the side of a cliff.

There had been a massive landslide on the other side of the valley that swept off a large chunk of the hill and pooled the river into a lake. Sadly, five people were buried. To get an idea of size, enlarge this picture and see if you find the four hikers making their way across the middle of the upturned earth.

Here are the four hikers taken with a zoom lens.

A parade greeted us because we were traveling with Hailey, who was being honored for her contributions to a new community center.

Opening of the Community Center


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