Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Language Development Center

"We work with minority language speakers enabling them to become literate first in their own language, then in other languages. Basic literacy skills are a critical component for people to access useful information and engage effectively with the wider community. We partner with local, national and international organizations in our work."

People learn to read and write more effectively when they first develop these skills in their own language. Mother language education is a good idea not only because it helps to protect languages that may soon be threatened and in danger of extinction, but also because it simply works better. The majority viewpoint in Nepal is that English is the only effective medium of education. I worry that this denigrates Nepali and minority languages in people's minds, reduces the quality of education, will further the disappearance of unique and beautiful minority languages, and creates an inferiority complex in people's perceptions of their own nation and community.

This organization is currently participating in a month-long competition to be included on the website They are trying to raise $4,000 from 50 donors by April 31st after which they will have secured a permanent spot on the website. If you are so inclined, please take a look and consider throwing them a few shekels:

I intend to begin volunteering at the LDC during the weekends once school starts up again after the New Year (the Nepali New Year starts after April 15th). I feel that this will create a good balance in my activities here, because I am teaching English at what is becoming an English medium school. While I believe that English proficiency is a vital part of Nepali education and I am very happy to be helping with that, I support Mother Language Education as the most effective means of instruction in Nepali schools.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    We've actually made our $4,000, which is super exciting! Now we're competing to be one of the top projects, which would get us extra bonus prizes from GlobalGiving. And, more seriously, we need far more than $4,000 to run a program, and it would be great if we could actually raise enough to do some real work.