Saturday, October 16, 2010

Short Film of Indra Jatra

I hereby present the first of hopefully many short films I will create based on topics of my own interest in Kathmandu Valley:

Indra Jatra 2010

This is the culmination of a tiny bit of camera work, a tiny bit of computer editing, and a whole lot of waiting around in a cafe in Lazimpat while the video uploads. Where I live now I have to ride a bus for an hour to find Internet access fast enough to just play a youtube video, to say nothing of uploading one.

And speaking of Indra Jatra, seeing as how we're in constant danger of fetishizing the Other around here, I thought I would post this article from a Nepali blog that I might have to start reading, brought to my attention by a fellow Fulbrighter:

How to Write About Nepal

I like it. My reaction to the article was a pretty even mix of "That's right on!" and "Crap, am I doing that?"

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