Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Leading Edge of Knife Discussion

- King Pratap Malla
- 'New Pinch' origins
- The low form when addressing...
- stall words in foreign languages
- onomatopoeia in Nepali

These are all phrases that people have typed into search engines to find this blog. Which is pretty cool, because I have written blog posts that have touched on all of these topics. Somewhat more inscrutably, people have also found this blog by typing the following phrases:

- Language study. Spanish speakers less smart
- I was in middle school nobody
- Sejuti porn movie

These are not things that I have written blog posts about. I hope those other people were not too disappointed. I just passed 5000 hits on the blog, with about 63% of the traffic coming from the US, 17% from Nepal, and the remaining 20% from a hodgepodge of Asian and European countries, mostly India, South Korea, the UK and Germany.

The single biggest referring URL to this site comes from, which according to their FAQ is "the largest, most active, and best knife discussion website in the world" (their tagline: "The Leading Edge of Knife Discussion"). Apparently the picture of a khukuri knife on my Dashain post inspired this blog post on

Anyway, in an effort to better provide my audience (you, the noble reader) with observations and discussions relevant to your interests, I hereby resolve to tone down the language stuff and focus more on cutlery and adult entertainment. Watch this space; big changes ahead!