Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Evan Sings the Blues

Back at Nahima Agricultural Resource Center, Kent and I were often impressed by Evan's mad ukulele skillz. As I mentioned, Evan knows many Nepali folk songs and would often entertain people along our way with his ukulele renditions. Anyway, I recorded a video of some of his songs because I wanted to learn how to sing them, and I just recently figured out all the lyrics, so I decided to put up a Youtube video with subtitles.

Here's the link: Evan Sings Nepali Songs in Nahima

At one point, all three of us were conscripted into playing music for a women's sewing class.


  1. Songs=awesome. I especially enjoyed the line "caught in the net of this hussy."

  2. Asking people how to translate 'nakachari,' they said 'a girl who follows around many boys.' So at first I had 'loose woman,' and then 'harlot.' 'Hussy' is good, though. Its punchy and offensive enough to sound kind of angry.

    Maybe I have no clue what any of it says and I'm just making up words.

  3. I was singing 'the cliff bee cares for his cliff, the house bee cares for his house' part of Raato Tikka, which is like a tongue twister, and I messed it up and tripped over my tongue, and a Nepali mocked me by saying 'What, did your tongue trip off the cliff?'

  4. Hello Luke..I really enjoyed Evan's video singing Nepali songs in Youtube. He's great. What are you guys doing at Nahima Agricultural Research Center?
    I'm curious. Maybe you'd be interested in visiting this page..